Munich is famous for its Christmas Market, and with really good reason.   I've been to European Christmas markets before, in Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Italy but none of them comes close to the one in Munich. You can just tell that THIS is where Christmas markets were born.

Spend all day winding between the thousands of stalls, smelling baked apple strudel and cinnamon, mulled wine served in a kitschy red boot, german chocolate in any form you can dream of.   All the people working the stalls spoke perfect English, which was good for me since my German is limited to the five words or so I remember from high school. 

Even though we were there a few weeks before Christmas, it wasn't that busy and we could stroll at a leisurely pace to each stall. European Christmas markets are an absolute gold mine if you are in need of Christmas gifts.  There is truly something for everyone on your list, and since most things are handmade and the makers are right there, the prices are just right. After our wonderful stay in Munich, we had a gorgeous sunny day to drive home to Como.