In the second week in December my boyfriend and I drove the 4 and a half hours from Como to Munich. I had never been to Germany before so I was EXTRA excited for this trip. Even though we were only there for two days and it snowed/sleeted/rained/wintry mixed the entire time we were there we absolutely loved it. The Christmas market was on, which was truly magical. If you have never been to a European Christmas market before I can't recommend them enough. 

There are thousands and thousands or market stalls set up right in the heart of Munich selling everything you can dream of from handmade ornaments, music boxes, german chocolates, hot mulled wine called "gluwein," toys, big hand knit wooly sweaters and on and on!  

We had a great weekend wandering around in the freezing weather, drinking a gluwein every hour to keep warm, eating more potato products than I've ever had in my life, and enjoying the general extreme Christmasyness of Bavaria! Next up I'll post the places I think are must see in Munich.