While we were in Munich it snowed... ALOT. Sometimes (like when I took this picture) we were thrilled it was snowing because it made it all seem so magical and christmasy.  This is the Marienplatz which is right in the social heart of Munich.  There is a U-bahn station that lets you out right here and it is the perfect place to start exploring the city, especially since when you exit the U-bahn station it is the first sight that greets you and it's pretty spectacular! We were staying in the Holiday Inn in Unterhaching, which was about a 15 minute train ride away from the center, but that we got on Hotwire for only 50 Euros a night- and it was a really nice Holiday Inn.  

And now for something more interesting- the FOOD! 

I don't drink beer, but my boyfriend enjoyed a pint or 10.

These potato pancakes were fried in PURE BUTTER. Disgusting? Probably. Delicious? Certainly.

I also don't eat meat, but everywhere we looked people were downing these 2 euro massive sausage sandwiches. 

And now for my favorite meal of the trip. Creamy potato soup (are we sensing a potato theme here?) topped with crispy onions, chives and toasted croutons. It was some of the best soup I've ever had. We had originally intended to go to the Hofbrauhaus which is really famous, but we saw this cute little place called Wirsthaus right across the lane that looked really cozy and inviting. We drank 3 massive pints, 2 huge pretzels, 2 jugs of wine and my above mentioned soup and it was only 22 euros! In Italy that would be well over 60 euros. Hello, Munich, I love you!  I'll go on next about the Christmas market.